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Rome wasn’t built in a day! But we were close! All the building work is finished, furniture and desks have now been moved in, decoration has begun. Most importantly though the production studio is now set up with the mixer, mics and all other trinkets looking very high quality. As can been seen from the […]

We are often shocked when we hear about inner city kids who think that meat and vegetables naturally come in plastic shrink wrapped containers, but the same can be said about music. In this day of reality TV and the likes of The Voice, X Factor, and all the other TV talent shows, there appears […]

Ever dreamt of becoming a radio personality? Then this is the article designed specifically for you! Follow the tips listed below to help start your new exciting career in radio. Personality Everybody remembers that one teacher who’s very voice could put you to sleep. That’s the main thing to avoid in radio, being boring. If […]

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