Indie Andaluz – Show 3 – 08.04.18

Written by on April 9, 2018

Welcome to the show notes for the 3rd edition of Indie Andaluz first broadcast on Sunday 8 April, 2018 on Radio Mix 106 fm.

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buy gabapentin online forum 1 – Airbag – La Playa del Cristo
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We opened with the Estepona band Airbag who’ve enjoyed great success in the more than 20 years since they formed. This trio is probably better know for its power pop / punk tracks but are known to lapse into a bit of 60s surf such as this track La Playa del Cristo from their 2011 album Manuel De Montaña Rusa.

Next up we have The Aspidestras, a Cordoba based band active since 2002. Initially formed to pay tribute to Joe Strummer on his death and to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the birth of punk, they enjoyed great success throughout Andalucia with their raucous set of classic British/American 70s Glam, Punk and New Wave.

Fast forward to the present; we find The Aspidistras poised to deliver a live set consisting of original material, steeped in the roots that formed them but with a personality of its very own.

The Aspidistras are half English, half Spanish: On Guitar and Lead Vocal, Paul Barham is joined by fellow Brit Richard Ley on Drums. The Spanish contingent is made up by Chiko Galán on Guitar and, from January 2018, Bosco Gamiz, who replaced original, long-serving bass-player Pedro Delgado on Bass.

fishily 2 – Aspidistras – Oh Dear (Demo)

Formed back in 2007 this next group Glaciar have enjoyed great popularity on the Malaga music scene and besides success in a number of band contests were also declared one of southern Spain’s best bands in the music publication Mondosonoro a year or two ago.

3 – Glaciar – La hora de los valientes

This next band Jarrillo’Lata was founded in Malaga back in 2007. A seven piece combo they mix up reggae, ska, rock, flamenco, jazz, rumba and funk to form the distinctive Jarrillo’Lata sound. This track ‘De la Campana a La Casa del Guardia’ is from their 2012 album ‘Folkloricos Anonimos’

4 – Jarrillo’Lata – De la Campana a La Casa del Guardia

If you enjoyed that you can see them at Malaga’s Sala Paris 15 where they will be performing along with El Canijo de Jerez, Malaka Youth and Gabardino on Saturday the 21st April. More information on the Shownotes page on

Now another band mashing up the genres is Malaga’s Jammin’ Dose there again you can get away with anything when your lineup includes a 3-piece horn section! This track is ‘Month in Fake Town from their 2013 debut album ‘Fake Town’

5 – Jammin’ Dose – Month in Fake Town

Once again if you liked that Jammin’ Dose will be playing at Louie Louie’s in Estepona on the 25th of May but I’ll remind you nearer the date.

Malaga’s Kermit are an experimental prog rock band combining exciting musicianship with audiovisual art to create an absorbing performance. This track Cocaine is taken from their debut album autoficcion

6 – Kermit – Cocaine

Based in Seville Jambalayaband are a blues rock power trio whose music also makes a brief nod to the psychedelia of the 60s and 70s. This track Blurco is from their 2015 album Jambalaya available as a free download on their Bandcamp page.

7 – JambalayaBand – Blurco

Earlier in the show I played ‘De la Campana a La Casa del Guardia’ by Jarrillo’Lata and mentioned that they were playing at Sala Paris 15 this month along withEl Canijo de Jerez, Malaka Youth and this guy Gabardino, a singer guitarist from Malaga. This is Las Puertas de la Locura.

8 – Gabardino – Las puertas de la locura

Don’t forget this show is out there for all you music lovers who like to hear new music, I can pretty much guarantee you won’t have heard these tracks on the radio before. So if you are in a band and have some recorded original material then don’t hesitate to send it to me at and with a bit of luck we can use it in a future show. Also like us up on our Facebook page @mix106fm and join us on our Facebook group Radio Mix 106 FM and let us know about yourselves, your music and any upcoming gigs.

Next up this evening is Craig MacDonald a modern folk singer guitarist and songwriter originally from Gibraltar but now based in the UK where he performs as ‘Who Is This Craig’. This track is off of the 2012 album Songs From Life and Love and is titled Rain Cleanse My Soul.

9 – Craig MacDonald – Rain Cleanse My Soul

Time now for our weekly trek across the frontier into Gibraltar and this week we’re looking at some of the Rock’s musical legacy. We start off with at track from Come in Leon’s debut album Sugar in the Ashtray. Come in Leon is fronted by one Gibraltar’s musical pillars, namely Alan Allman. Alan is the owner of the Rock on the Rock Club which besides hosting weekly gigs also provides rehearsal space, as well as a creative environment for Gibraltar’s music community, a role for which he was honoured a couple of years back with the British Empire Medal.

10 – Come in Leon – Bitterman

Due to Gibraltar’s education system which enables youngsters to complete their education in the UK, many of the Rock’s promising musicians hone their craft at Universities and Music Colleges in England. One such person is Holly April who now fronts a UK based band aptly named April. April have been invited to perform at this year’s MTV Gibraltar Calling Festival and this is an acoustic version of the track Ädieu.

11 – April – Adieu (Acoustic)

Another bgroup which gained success in the  UK is the latin infused heavy metal band Breed77. I first came across this band when they performed at the 2007 BBC Electric Proms and managed to catch them on one of their rare visits to Gibraltar a few years later. Unfortunately they have now disbanded but did reform to perform at last year’s National Day Concert in Gibraltar.

12 – Breed 77 – La Ultima Hora

13 – Natura – Play My Game

We opened the second part of the show with a track from the rock band Natura. Natura have been very quiet in recent years, in fact the last time I saw them was supporting Status Quo when they played Gibraltar back in 2009, but the latest news is that they’re back with a new album entitled ‘Still Playing the Game’ which they will be showcasing at a reunion gig at Louie Louie’s on the 14th of April.

Okay so have you noticed how I’ve gone almost the whole show and not mentioned the Ojeando Music Festival which is being held in the town of Ojen in July, well the lineup is just about confirmed bar maybe a few surprises and one of the bands recently added to the poster is this band Nunatak from the neighbouring region of Murcia. This track ‘Disonancia Perfecta’ is from their latest album Nunatak y el tiempo de los valientes released at the beginning of last month.

14 – Nunatak – Disonancia Perfecta

As a bit of trivia you know when you get a rocky outcrop that sticks out of a glacier or ice sheet, well that’s known as a nunatak. If you want to know how I know that well next time you see me buy me a cup of coffee and I’ll tell you.

If any band epitomises the Andalucia flair for fusing different genres of music then this next band is it. Radio Tarifa was a Spanish World music ensemble combining Flamenco, Arab-Andalusian music, Arabian music, Moorish music and also influences of the Mediterranean, of the Middle Ages and of the Caribbean. The name of the ensemble comes from an imaginary radio station in Tarifa, the nearest part of Spain to Morocco. Instead of simply fusing musical styles as they currently exist, Radio Tarifa goes back in time to the common past of those styles, back to before 1492 when the Moors and Jews were exiled from Spain. This invented style sheds light upon the real styles of Spain, most notably flamenco although the band rejected all musical purism, preferring to mix arrangements of traditional compositions with their own melodies and combining instruments from Ancient Egypt, classical Greek and Roman times with modern saxophones and electric bass. This is La Tarara by Radio Tarifa.

15 – Radio Tarifa – La Tarara

Okay so we’ve got some great news for any of you who were due to go to the Primavera Trompetera Festival at the Jerez race track last month that was unfortunately postponed due to the bad weather, well a new date has been confirmed which will be the weekend of the 25th and the 26th of May with the same lineup as billed for the original event. And what a line up that is with the Original Wailers headlining and dozens of great bands including a number of Indie Andaluz favourites including Malaga reggae outfit Malaka Youth. I will bring more news on this festival over the coming weeks but for now let’s enjoy Malaka Youth and the track Gansters.

16 – Malaka Youth – Gansters

Let’s mellow it down a little, this track  from Granada four piece Trepat, Miles de Estrellas is guaranteed to raise the hairs on your arms, well it does mine.

17 – Trepàt – Miles de estrellas

Seville’s Andrés Herrera, alias Pájaro had enjoyed a long and uneventful career until 2011 when he went into the studios of the Seville indie label Happy Place to make the album Santa Leone.

A heady mixture of rock, country, and surf music, a touch of Ennio Morricone, mixed with the traditional atmosphere of the drums and trumpets of the Easter processions in Seville, Santa Leone was released to rave reviews in 2012. Voted record of the year in prestigious national magazines such as Ruta 66 it completely revitalised his career.

Here is the title track from that Album

18 – Pajaro – Santa Leone

Now for a touch of Ska. Briatore hail from Marbella and have been treating us to their trademark garage ska sound for many years now, and whilst I don’t often play covers on this show this next track has definitely been given the Briatore touch and therefore they could almost claim this as their own. This is The Mod-el from their 2010 album ‘A Way of Life’

19 – Briatore – The Mod-el

Remember those classic rock albums of the 70s where one track would take up the whole side of an LP, well this next track from Malaga psychedelic rock band JJ Sprondel follows in that great tradition with their album Shine. I’m going to stop yapping and play as much of it as I can until the meter runs out.

So that just leaves me to bid you farewell until next week and to remind you can listen to this and previous editions of the show along with Liz Alexandria’s World Music showcase ‘Going Places’ and Sid Olivera’s celebrity interviews on ‘Two’s Company’ on Mix Reloaded at

This is Gary Beaumont signing off until next week’s Indie Andaluz and leaving you to sit back turn the lights down low and enjoy Shine by JJ Sprondel….

20 – J.J. Sprondel – Shine (Cara B)

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