Riff Monkeys – Episode 59

Riff Monkeys July 21, 2020

https://theclaremont.co.uk/?et_core_page_resource=et-divi-customizer-global-cached-inline-styles959 Hello and welcome to the Riff Monkey’s festival playlist
I thought as all the festivals have been cancelled this year that I would play some of my favourite moments at festivals most of which I can proudly say I was actually at.
So crack open a cider, put on your wellies and let’s take a “trip” down memory lane With songs played at festivals such as Glastonbury, Reading, The Asian Dub Foundation, Eels, Faith No More, Jane’s Addiction, Pink Floyd, Pixies, Pop Will Eat Itself, Public Enemy, Rage Against the Machine, Skunk Anansie, Cypress Hill, Dread Zeppelin, The Cure and of course the one and only Mr David Bowie.
So enjoy yourselves and let’s all look forward to being able to go to new festies very soon.

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