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Advertising on Radio Mix 106 is one of the most cost effective ways to get your message out to our thousands of listeners.


  • Considered the bedrock of media channels, radio reaches more consumers than every other channel out there! Radio’s audience continues to grow, adding new listeners every year! And now with podcast and more streaming audio in the mix, the universe of listeners continues to expand.


  • Nothing succeeds quite like radio in impacting consumer behaviour. People interact with radio differently from other media. We don’t watch, we listen. This involves our attention, our imagination and our engagement. The rapid growth of podcasts, a medium rich in storytelling supports this too. This is why radio is so much more effective at influencing behaviour. And because radio is part of our communities and daily habits, it is trusted more than online advertising.

Return on Investment

  • More reach, more influence and better retention generally add up to better financial returns on your marketing spend!

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