Planet Prog – Episode 17

Planet Prog January 4, 2021

As it’s the start of a new year Mark will be concentrating on releases from the New Progs on the Block in tonight’s show. No classics, no flutes, just the sound of the future calling and it’s sounding promising.
So Prog on to at 9pm UK and 10pm Spain, it’s a cracker.


1 Crippled Black Pheonix – House of Fools

2 Tides of Nebula -  Nothing to Fear and Nothing to Doubt

3 Vennart – Immortal Soldiers

4 Sanguine Hum -  Pyramids

5 Kavus Torabi – Cemetery of Light

6 Arch Garrison – Like a Diamond Bright

7 Karfagen – Hunter

8 Fish on Friday – Mad at the World

9 VOLA – Head Mounted Sideways

10 Caligula’s Horse -  The Tempest

11 Vulkan – Redemption Simulations

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